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Leena Koskinen


Galleria Artista was opened in February 2011 to promote arts awareness to the general public, highlighting well-known artists and new talent production. Art Gallery offers free art experiences. The gallery is to promote the visibility of the artists, the gallery is visible from the artist's sales and marketing position.

Exhibition space is ideal, spacious and bright, its large sample windows. Location, right in the center of Kokkola, Finland.

The gallery has an annual series of exhibitions, one of the exhibition lasts about 3-4 weeks. The exhibition program aims to build a diverse including all types of art including design perspective. Gallery focuses not only on the domestic arts, there will be also foreign artists.


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Galleria Artista    

tu-fr 10-17

sa-su 12-16

Leena Koskinen

+358 50 305 8262

Itäinen Kirkkokatu 16


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